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Suzhou mairuisen Textile Co., Ltd. is a newly established and standardized limited liability company in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system. It is a national and Jiangsu textile backbone enterprise. The leading products are environmental friendly gauze series, functional gauze series, differential fiber gauze series, special yarn, high-end clothing fabric, high-end knitted underwear and other types of new textile products.
The company has strong strength, excellent equipment and strong production capacity. The spinning department adopts domestic FA series equipment, and the weaving department adopts all new air-jet looms with international level.
the company seizes the development opportunity, keeps pace with the times, develops and innovates, and strengthens the standardized and standardized management of the company. The company has implemented ERP management, effectively improved the efficiency of each link, and strengthened the controllability of the system. "Mairuisen textile" adheres to "people-oriented", implements fair, open and fair human-oriented management, constantly introduces various technical and management talents, and condenses a large number of professional talents in the textile industry. The company makes learning and growth plans for each employee, organizes different levels of learning and training, and lays a solid foundation for the long-term and stable development of the company in terms of talents.
under the new industry situation, the company always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "serving the high-end and leading the trend", implements the development concept of "differentiation and intensification", continuously promotes the industrial upgrading and management upgrading, and strives to be in the forefront of China's high-end textile enterprises.