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What is a casual suit? What's the difference between a formal suit and a casual suit?

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What is a casual suit? Leisure suit is also called leisure suit. The casual suit and the orthodox suit can be generally divided from the style and fabric. First, the orthodox suit fabric is made of chemical fiber, which has a good falling performance and is relatively straight. The style is relatively simple and not easy to wrinkle. There are also single breasted and double breasted. The casual suit style can be diversified, and the fabric is also relatively easy to wrinkle, which generally uses some natural fiber.
Common leisure suit brands in China include: Gator Jewels (Jijie), Jack & Jones, D & G, G-STAR, ESPRIT, Calvin Klein, Giordano, bannero, metsborne, bosilon, U2. See brand online shop for more brands. Difference between casual suit and formal suit: the difference between formal suit and casual suit is mainly reflected in three aspects: color, style and fabric. From a professional point of view, this is also known as the three elements of clothing.
From the perspective of color, the basic characteristics of formal suits are monochromatic and dark. Generally, it is blue and black, sometimes there are brown and gray, among which black is the most important evening dress, mainly stable. And the color of the casual suit is not so monotonous, the color is not rigid, more casual.
From the style point of view, the formal suit layout is relatively fixed, with loose and slim styles, and the suit is mainly composed of two or three sets, which can only be matched with shirts and leather shoes. And leisure suits are generally more waist and slim, and is a single piece. The style of the top is different from that of the pants, and the collocation is casual. Generally, casual pants or jeans are the main style.
From the fabric point of view, formal suits are usually pure wool or blended fabrics with a high proportion of wool. This kind of fabric is draped, crisp, breathable, and looks high-grade and elegant. Of course, its price is also relatively expensive. And the fabric of the casual suit is all kinds of things, including hemp, leather, cotton and silk.

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