Fabric from nature
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Suzhou mairuisen Textile Co., Ltd. is a newly established and standardized limited liability company in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system. It is a national and Jiangsu textile backbone enterprise. The leading products are environmental friendly gauze series, functional gauze series, differential fiber gauze series, special yarn, high-end clothing fabric, high-end knitted underwear and other types of new textile products.
The company has strong strength, excellent equipment and strong production capacity. The spinning department adopts domestic FA series equipment, and the weaving department adopts all new air-jet looms with international level. 

Outdoor functional fabric, sports and leisure, outdoor tooling, popular fabric
Outdoor functional fabric mountaineering cloth

Combined with human comfort, through repeated comparison, we strive to achieve the perfect combination of comfort and functionality, with moisture absorption The function of perspiration. Commonly used fabrics: tetrahedral, nylon series, Tashi series.

Outdoor functional fabric - Ski Suit

After finishing with film and coating, the fabric has the functions of air permeability, windproof and heat preservation. Common fabrics: peach skin velvet, Chunya textile, etc

Outdoor functional fabric - down jacket

Through calendering, compounding, coating and other finishing to achieve the function of cashmere, cotton and so on. Common fabrics: nylon, polyester。

Sportswear - jacket windbreaker

Windproof and rainproof common fabrics: T400, T800 polyester cotton, brocade cotton

Sports leisure - sportswear

Through compounding, the coating can make sweat easy to play and achieve the function of comfortable wearing. Common fabric: light elastic fabric, high elastic spring Asian textile

Outdoor tooling

Common fabrics with functions of moisture absorption, perspiration, anti bacteria and deodorization: gabardine, cotton series, polyester cotton series, conductive fiber, etc。

Popular fabric

Popular fabrics in the market, commonly used fabrics: Cotton sense series, wrinkle sense series, printed fabrics, etc

Cooperative partner
Through the combination of functional fiber and new weaving process or the addition of various environmental protection finishing AIDS in the post finishing process, the fabric has special functions and properties, and realizes the fabric functionality.
In addition to complying with the principles of environmental protection and health care, with the improvement of living standards, the development of functional fabric is gradually moving towards the direction of fashion and comfort, so the fashion functional fabric came into being.
Xinbimei mainly focuses on beauty, and breaks through the creation of sustainable fashion functional fabrics from the perspective of technology.
Xinbimei cooperates with scientific research institutions to jointly develop new special varieties and functional products. The functional fabrics produced meet the requirements of quality and safety standards and "green environmental protection" in domestic and foreign markets.
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